Please register for an eCWIdeas account with a unique, valid e-mail address and username.  Once you have signed up, you will receive an e-mail that contains an activation link.  Please click on the activation link to activate your account.  After you have activated your account, please go to the PROFILE link in the upper right-hand corner of this website.  You will need to include all relevant information about yourself and your practice including specialty, practice name, and your role at your organization.  Your profile information will help us understand how your idea will impact our customer base, and allow the eCWIdeas Team to contact you if we require additional information.

Is eCWIdeas moderated?

Yes, this site is moderated by members of the eCWIdeas Team.  To learn more about eCWIdeas Team members, visit the eCWIdeas Team page.  Ideas and comments are NOT moderated at time of posting, but can be retroactively removed if deemed as an abuse of this site.  Repeat abuses in either posting of ideas or comments will result in the banning of that user.  Please refer to the Terms of Service link on the bottom of this page.

How can I tell that eCW is listening?

eCWIdeas Team members from eClinicalWorks will be actively participating in this site by posting updates to ideas and comments that may help us understand the suggestion.  eClinicalWorks employee screen names will clearly state "eCW” in their name.  eCWIdeas Team members that act as moderators will have their comments displayed in blue font.

Posting an Idea:

First, select the product that corresponds to your idea (i.e., eClinicalWorks EMR/PM, eClinicalMobile, Patient Portal, etc.), then enter a few keywords that highlight your idea. By default, these keywords will become the title for your new idea, but you can edit the title when you enter the idea.  

Next, click the Search button to check if your idea – or a similar idea – has already been submitted on eCWIdeas.  Use relevant keywords to search similar ideas and review any matches that have been previously submitted.  If you don’t see an idea that matches yours, click the “Create Your Idea” button to submit your new idea.

To submit a new idea:

  1. First, select the Product Category
  2. Then, select the Sub Category
  3. Next, give a concise but detailed explanation of your idea
  4. Additionally, if you can provide a screenshot or mockup of your idea, click the "Upload File" button and add your own attachment, allowing you to further 'demonstrate' your idea 
  5. Important Note: All patient information must be removed from any of these attachments.  We suggest using test patients only or blur any details on your screenshots.  

Your created ideas will automatically receive one 'Thumbs Up' vote of your own upon submission.  After you’ve posted your suggestion, you can set an Alert Me e-mail notification to be sent to you if anyone posts a comment on your idea. This allows you to follow the comment thread, and you will receive an e-mail notification that someone else has commented on your idea. 


If at any time you would like to remove the e-mail notifications, simply go back to your idea and click on the Remove Alert icon.


We encourage you to constructively comment on ideas throughout the community to offer feedback to your peers on their suggestions as well.  Active discussion is encouraged!

Navigating the Ideas Page:

The Ideas page allows you to both submit ideas, and to view and vote on ideas submitted by other eCW users. 

To view submitted ideas, simply select the product that you are interested in, or you can choose more specifically to view ideas by category, and then click to view submitted ideas.

You can also view ideas on several categories:

  • Latest
  • Top Rated
  • Planned
  • Completed
  • My Ideas

It is not necessary to submit a new idea, you can still vote on existing ideas to the site.  You can navigate to different areas of the product by clicking on that respective product line or category of the product and then review submitted ideas - where you can then cast your vote either for the idea (Thumbs Up!) or against the idea (Thumbs Down!).

You can also filter by the status of the ideas that have currently been submitted to the site by clicking on the respective status.  These statuses are:

  • Latest
  • Top Rated
  • Planned
  • Completed
  • My Ideas

You can also filter by:

  • Products
  • Categories
  • Sub-Categories 

You can click on any specific idea that has been submitted previously to view details about that idea, including any posted attachments, and you are also allowed to add comments to the idea.  We encourage active commenting on posted ideas for your feedback and thoughts on ways to improve 


All items posted to eCWIdeas must be completely devoid of any reference to actual patient information.  Any item with patient information will be removed immediately in compliance with HIPAA regulations.