How do I submit an idea to eCWIdeas?

Ideas are submitted to http://ecwideas.eclinicalworks.com.  All users must have a valid username to post comments or a suggestions to this site.

Can anyone post to this site?

To post to the site, you must be a current eClinicalWorks client or employee and must register for an eCWIdeas account.

Can I submit screenshots of my idea?

Yes, this site allows you to upload screenshots or mockups of your idea.  Please make sure that no patient specific information is included. 

Who reviews these ideas?

Ideas are initially reviewed by a group of your peers where they are able to vote for (Thumbs Up! thumbsup) or against (Thumbs Down! thumbsdown) on each idea.  Additionally, the eCWIdeas Team will be reviewing these ideas and commenting as necessary, including status updates.

What if my idea doesn’t fall under one of the categories?

All Main Categories have an “other” sub-category; please submit items to them.

How does voting work?

When the new eCWIdeas account is created, each user is given seventy-five (75) votes.  These votes can be used as you chose, on existing ideas throughout the eCWIdeas community.  If you submit an idea, that idea is automatically assigned a "Thumbs Up!" vote since you are the idea creator.  You may only vote for each idea once and you can retract your vote if you so choose.  You can also give ideas a "Thumbs Down!" vote if you don't agree with the idea.  

How do I know how many votes I have remaining?

You can easily see the number of votes you have remaining by clicking on the Profile link in the upper right-hand corner of the site.  You are given 75 votes when you sign up, allowing you to vote on items that you feel have the most importance.

Can I post a specific comment on an idea?

Yes, and we encourage active discussion with your peers so all aspects of the suggestion have been fully vetted and discussed prior to potential future development.

What kinds of ideas and comments can I submit?

We welcome your suggestions and comments that will help eClinicalWorks improve our products. We have categorized each product with its own set of categories and sub-categories, and we ask that you put the idea in the most appropriate place.

Inappropriate material may be taken down at any time without notice. We ask that you discuss ideas in a professional manner. Please review the Terms of Service for more information on the rules of conduct for material posted to eCWIdeas. 

How many ideas can I submit?

The number of ideas that you submit is unlimited, but you are only allowed to vote on a total of 75 ideas, with either a Thumbs Up (approve) or a Thumbs Down (disapprove).

What if I’ve already submitted my suggestion to eClinicalWorks? Do I need to resubmit?

Yes.  Please submit any idea you feel is important to improving our product to this site.  This will allow the entire user community to vote on your suggestion. 

What type of ideas should NOT be submitted to this site?

  1. Interface requests 

  • Lab interfaces 
    • Please open a Support Ticket
  • Immunization Registry Request
    • Please open a Support Ticket

  2. Contractual items

  • Please work with your assigned eCW Project Manager

  3. Partnership Alliance Requests

  • Link for the eCW Partnership Alliance application can be found here

Will all submitted ideas be developed?

Not all items that are submitted will be developed, and eClinicalWorks will continually monitor this site for top-ranked suggestions and that will improve our product overall and will have the most benefit to our clients. 

When can I expect to see ideas that have gone to a "planned" status developed?

As development work is finalized, eCWIdeas Team members will change the status of the idea to "completed." Keep in mind that not all ideas will be developed, those ideas that have the greatest impact to our clients while fitting into the goals and priorities that are set at eClinicalWorks will be developed.

What are the different statuses?  

Once you have selected a product, you will then be able to filter by status:

  • Latest - click to see ideas that have recently been submitted
  • Top Rated - click to see ideas with the most votes
  • Planned - click to see ideas which based on feedback that eClinicalWorks has received, future development of this item is now in planning stages.
  • Completed - click to see ideas that have been submitted and that will appear in future version of the product
  • My Ideas - click to see ideas that you have submitted

Can I contact eClinicalWorks directly to discuss my suggestion or get a status update?

No, this site is constantly monitored by the eCWIdeas Team and the discussion will remain on this site specifically to maintain the transparent nature of the suggestion.  If more information is needed on the suggested idea, an eCWIdeas Team member will reach out to the idea creator directly.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions about this site?

Please e-mail us for assistance.

Why don't I have unlimited votes?

Voting is limited to 75 votes per client to give value to each vote that you cast.  This will help eCW prioritize the items that receive the highest number of votes on this site.

What if I run out of votes, can I still submit an idea?

Yes, you can submit an unlimited number of ideas to this site, unlike voting, which is limited to 75 per user.