Meet The Moderator Team

Meet The Moderator Team


logosmall Meet the Moderator Team!


Amber Asaro


I enjoyed working with eCW as a partner in 2004 so much, I joined the company in 2005. My journey here started as a Sales Coordinator, then I spent about two years as an on-site trainer, where I got to see our product in action. Next I spent several years as a webinar trainer before I found my home here in Product Management. I am primarily focused on eClinicalMobile, patient education, and patient engagement including apps. It has been a pleasure to get to know many of you from my travels to your offices, and at our regional and national conferences over the years. Your input is greatly appreciated, so I’ll be watching closely for your suggestions.

A little about me: I’m a mother to a vivacious little girl who I am teaching Korean, French, and a bit of American Sign Language. I love jogging, hiking, baking from scratch, and am a proud sci-fi geek.


Asli Celik


Hi! I am Asli Celik and I work on the Product Management team. I take care of ensuring the product’s quality initiatives. I handle Alerts, CDSS, Meaningful Use Reporting, Order Sets, PQRI, Quality Measures and Reporting, Recalls, and Registry.

I will be reviewing the ideas you post and vote on that fall within my product areas. I eagerly look forward to receiving your input on how to enhance our product features since, as users, you are the best source for ideas on new features or enhancing our existing features. We will ensure the highest-ranked features get a good chance of being listed for future development.

Be sure to exercise your vote on eCWIdeas; our developers have a “Yes We Can” attitude when it comes to implementing good client ideas.

Happy posting and voting on eCWIdeas!


Nainil Chheda


I am a Product Manager and an I.T Operations Specialist at eClinicalWorks LLC, providing technical coordination services in a web application development environment. In addition, I am responsible for ensuring the compliance of the product in conjunction with the various healthcare standards and certifications.

I specialize in Section 508 Disability Compliance for website usability and design. I have been involved in application design, architecture, and coding since the early 90s. I choose to express my ideas by means of Twitter ( and my blog (

I am a believer of knowledge sharing, and with eCWIdeas, I believe YOU will be able allow eCW to take a "Managed Growth" approach, thus creating a "Win-Win" situation. Even though I am a Product Manager, I am a techie at heart. My role at eCWIdeas is to manage the site design and provide technical advice on maintaining the site.


Rohan D'Souza


My name is Rohan D’Souza, and I am the Product Manager for our Business Intelligence (BI) suite, eBO (Enterprise Business Optimizer). During my time here at eCW, I have been responsible for training our advanced eBO sessions, in addition to conducting presentations and roundtables on effective eBO reporting. Prior to joining eCW, I administered many public health programs for the State of New York, which required me to collect sample data and run high-level statistics using tools like COGNOS®, SPSS, etc. When asked to manage eBO, I was absolutely thrilled because I now had the opportunity to bring experience from my analytical background to the table, as well as client management experience.

We understand that this is going to be an exciting decade in the world of healthcare reporting, with meaningful use measures being determined by the federal authorities in addition to the numerous state, county, and local clinical measures. Our goal at eCW is to provide customers with the tools to make better clinical and business decisions in this ever-changing environment, which in turn will lead to higher patient satisfaction and an overall improvement in healthcare.  To this end, I am sure that with motivated customers like you, we will be able to provide our entire eCW community with meaningful reports.

I am excited to use eCWIdeas as a medium for our customers to voice their opinions and suggestions. This will give us an opportunity to step in your shoes and look at healthcare reporting through your eyes, which in turn will help us to help you! So, please take some time and share your ideas with us.  I guarantee it will be a win-win situation. Also, don’t forget to vote on the other ideas that you think will help your fellow eCW community members. Now, let’s get reporting!


Lydia Ewing


I’m Lydia Ewing, and I am the Product Manager for the prescribing sections of eClinicalWorks. I am also the Product Marketing Manager for quality reporting, working in tandem in this area with Asli Celik (Product Manager, quality reporting). I look forward to hearing about new ideas for us to consider that look to improve these two areas of the eClinicalWorks product.

These days, it feels as if e-prescribing and quality reporting / pay-for-performance are becoming so intertwined that I have to consider which hat I’m wearing, or if I’m stacking multiple hats on my head at the same time – mad hatter style! I find this an exciting, yet challenging, pair of areas to work in, as so much is changing. New understandings of the best ways to improve, measure, and report quality are developing continually, and we have an opportunity now to speak up and have our experiences heard by both by government and private quality measure developers.

I hope you all will help me to understand your needs in these areas so we can continue to improve our product and, to some extent, have a broader influence on quality reporting in the U.S.


Bonnie Fluet


My name is Bonnie Fluet. Let me tell you - I was lucky when I was hired by eClinicalWorks more than 5-½ years ago. I was lucky because I was joining a group of the most talented, enthusiastic, and dedicated people I had ever met, in a venture that has turned out to be a great and exciting challenge. And let me tell you - they were lucky too, because I brought nearly 20 years of medical Practice Management and Billing domain knowledge with me. It didn’t bother them that I never knew where my Word document went when I clicked Save (I didn’t tell them that at the time). It didn’t bother me that I had to explain, over and over again, the differences between Medicare and Medicaid.(OK, so it drove me nuts sometimes.) Just as we continue to learn from each other every day – we’ve always been learning from you.

My colleague Marie Tartufi and I will be moderating every idea you submit in the Billing category. We’ll do our best to fully understand your needs, and when we can, work hard with our developers to deliver solutions that make you more efficient and that help you to get paid for successfully managing the great and exciting challenges you face every day. That’s what we do. eCWIdeas is your way to help us to help you. I can’t wait to meet you there!


Robert Lynes


Robert Lynes is my name, and Product Management is my game. I enjoy working and being involved with our customers by understanding their needs for eClinicalWorks. I started out at eClinicalWorks as a trainer in 2006, so I have great understanding of the product and workflow that our customers experience on a daily basis. With that knowledge, I merged with the Product Management team, and I can honestly say, our team is dedicated to our customers to push this product to the limit. Our team is the “voice” of our customers, and that’s why we believe that eCWIdeas will be a great tool to capture, analyze, and develop your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions.

My role within eCWIdeas is to moderate certain areas of the product such as eClinicalMessenger, eClinicalMobile, P2P, and all Correctional features. I have knowledge of the product in all areas and collaborate with other members on the team, but my primary focuses are the particular areas I mentioned above. I am very excited about launching eCWIdeas and changing the way we prioritize and develop your ideas and suggestions to make our product better.

Once again, eClinicalWorks is raising the bar within the medical software industry by providing an open environment for our customers to collaborate together on new development. eClinicalWorks will revolutionize the EMR industry and I am proud to be part of a company that continually strives for excellence.

So, get off your chair, put on your thinking cap, and start posting and voting on your ideas. Be part of making eCWIdeas successful!


Jennifer Moore


My name is Jennifer Moore, but everyone just calls me Jen. I joined eClinicalWorks in April of 2007, and haven’t looked back yet! I came to eClinicalWorks with an extensive background in medicine and medical technology, working in many areas including clinical operations, training and PM/EMR analyst roles – each job with a strong emphasis in customer service and relations, processes, and system improvements.

My primary focuses at eClinicalWorks are Product Management, the User Conference Event Team and Client Communications. I am also one of the voices of where I enjoy representing the company in a public forum, and I play a major role in all areas of communications to client and internal teams.

I hail from the great state of Texas, but now reside in my second home, Massachusetts. I am a self-confessed learning-curve addict and also the very proud mother of  a fantastic daughter that attends the University of New Hampshire. She happens to be one of my favorite subjects to talk about!


Thomas Roberts


I initially joined eCW in 2006 as a trainer. After about a year in that role I transitioned over to the Product Management Team and was tasked with addressing many of the “fit-n-finish” items that had become a major pain point with many customers. I am currently the Product Manager responsible for the core EMR product. I am an active participant in our roundtables, virtual roundtables and National User Conference.

Outside of work, I am an avid soccer fan and love to travel. I try to get over to Old Trafford at least once a year to watch Mancesther United play.


Bryan Sequeira


My name is Bryan Sequeira, and I am a Product Manager at eClinicalWorks (eCW). I started at eCW in 2008 as a trainer, then transitioned to a consultant role as an EIS (Enterprise Implementation Specialist) working at NMH (Northwestern Memorial Hospital) in Chicago. I moved to the product management team to finally be able to influence changes made to our product. My product expertise is mainly in the EMR, but I enjoy working in areas of our product where the EMR transitions to the Practice Management. I work closely with specialties like Plastic Surgery and Pediatrics; as well as our revolutionary product Scribe. I also work with our partner vendors like IMO (Intelligent Medical Objects) and Nuance (Creator of Dragon Medical). Finally, I worked on getting eClinicalWorks Version 10 Meaningful Use Stage 2 complaint and well as on the ICD-10 Taskforce.

I look forward to including your voice in our future development as we take eClinicalWorks to the next level!


Marie Tartufi


I am Marie Tartufi. I joined eClinicalWorks a little over 5-½ years ago as a billing trainer/support. Back then, I was told billing trainers did not travel. Well, that lasted about six months when Girish asked me to go onsite to our first large client (all of 20 providers!). After that I was onsite more and more frequently until I was doing onsite billing training more than I was in the office.

My focus has been working with our Federally Qualified, Rural and Community Health Center clients. They have some very unique billing requirements and each one is a little different than then next one. I bring about 18 years of billing and practice management experience to the team, including a number of years working on the "dark side" at an insurance company. I was one of those people who held up your claims for review and delayed payments. Then I moved on to a 700-provider academic multispecialty group as one of the CBO managers. So I have "been there - done that" when it comes to billing issues.

Along with Bonnie Fluet, I will be working on all of your billing ideas. I look forward to reviewing your suggestions and working with you to have them developed.